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If you had the power, would you kill the Trinity?

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Sorry Tol, I think trying to reason with it is pointless. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense because it's cooked. Whether it's cooked because of crack (which is what I suspect) or cooked because that's just its neurological condition - it is cooked.

Just a spouting machine of oxymoron's, internal contradictions, non-sequiturs and gibberish.

An all you can eat word salad buffet, combined with a deepseated yet undeserved feeling of self importance and an arrogance that can only be born from powerful ignorance.

Tolpuddle Martyr:
I'm not trying to get actual sense out of it. That's not what I was going for with the Catholic incel, the butthurt reservist or the Gamergate comissar either.

Just seeing what drops out and also if it's shiny!


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