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The LA Arsons


Kind of surprised no one posted about this back in the old forums.

Over the holidays, a rash of arsons broke out in the LA area. A German named Harry Burkhart, 24, was caught after an outburst in a courtroom (a case involving his mother. She was arrested on a German provisional warrant). He's also wanted in Germany for burning down his own home.

To be honest, it took his own blunder in court to get him, and that's assuming he did do it. If he did do these things, good on the cops for getting him. A lot of people could have been hurt, or worse. But keep examining the evidence, just in case.

What exactly was he raging against Americans for?

The article didn't say, but I suspected it had to do with his mother about to be deported for some fraud charges in Germany.

Weird.  I heard about this a few days ago. I am glad that no one was killed. It seems that the guy needs psychiatric treatment.


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