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While there was a limit of two at Proboards to avoid lengthy nested quotes in threads, I don't see anything like that here. I think it'd be handy. Cleans up the mess and makes it so we don't have to go through and individually delete third, fourth, fifth, etc., quotes.

Art Vandelay:
I like the unlimited nested quotes. It reminds me of the pre-proboards forum. It helps make this place truly feel like a return to the good old days.

N. De Plume:
Too many nests quickly get messy. Especially on image threads. And cleaning them up in the markup can be a pain. I think I prefer nesting of at most two levels back.

If you are having trouble remembering the context of a particular quote, perhaps it is best if you use the backlink and re-read the particular post(s).

Keiro Dreamwalker:

--- Quote from: Keiro ---Test
--- Quote from: Keiro ---Test2
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Keiro ---Test3
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Keiro ---Test4
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

Proboards only quoted up to two levels if you hit the 'Quote' button on a post, but you could add more if you so desired, which is useful sometimes when you need more context. Could we have an arrangement like that? That way you don't have to clean the markup and most quotes would only preserve the immediately relevant, but you still have an option to add more if necessary.


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