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Is it possible to get blockquote formatting?

This would be wonderful. While the quote boxes here are easier to read than on proboards, I still find it far easier to read lots of quoted text as a blockquote.

Keiro Dreamwalker:
Should be added with
--- Code: ---[blockquote] [/blockquote]
--- End code ---

Sample text:

Catch The Lightning is one of those books you just can't put down! The characters are so real and the story so compelling that when I got to the end of the book, I was looking for more! How often does an author come along who can enthrall the often deadly-critical science fiction readers with a universe that is most likely not only possible, but makes you want to live there and struggle side by side with its characters? Another thing that makes Catherine's book both unique and enticing is the realistic detail and emotional display of the characters. I would have to say that if -I- met a strange, gorgeous man on the street who 1) saved me from being raped (possibly killed), 2) who could feel my thoughts / emotions AND 3) was SENSITIVE to them...I'd go for him! :) Truely, Asaro is one of the best science fiction authors of this century and I hope to learn more and more about the Skolian Empire and it's people from her. Also, I think that her content and writing style could become a cornerstone to future science fiction...not only interesting those of us intrigued by futuristic societies, space travel, technology, etc...but those interested in adventure, mystery, and good old fashion romance. I give Catherine an ecstatic two thumbs up and on a scale of 1-10, a 10+! p.s. I was just as thrilled by Primary Inversion as well! :) 
--- End quote ---

How is this supposed to work, btw?

Edit: By that, I mean, how is blockquotes supposed to look on other forums?

It typically looks just like that. Although, at least in written text, it's also right justified too; so that it looks like a block. But that doesn't really matter.

Keiro Dreamwalker:
Okeydoke. It's been added correctly, then. As you can see, it works as given above with the proper code.

The forums is now partially custom-made with several code-edits on my part. :3


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