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First Lesbian child custody dispute

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--- Quote from: Meshakhad on January 05, 2012, 04:29:16 pm ---I recall hearing about a case where rather than assign custody to one parent or the other, the judge decided that they were equally at fault. He then gave the house to the kids, and the parents alternate living there. His justification was "Why should the kids have to constantly switch houses? The divorce wasn't their fault!"

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That's awesome.

I coulda sworn I heard about a case like this years ago. Whether the same one or not, I'm not sure

Kit Walker:

--- Quote from: ironbite on January 05, 2012, 06:24:07 pm ---But yeah I really hope there's a happy ending here.  No parent should be separated from their child due to the stupidity of the courts.

Ironbite-unless they're unfit to be a parent of course.

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The stupidity or short-sightedness of the legislatures. The courts can only interpret and follow the laws they're given. I'd imagine the case law for the rights biological non-birth mothers who aren't on the birth certificate (excepting situations where there's a surrogacy agreement, which doesn't fit here because I doubt two people in love signed contracts with each other) is pretty sparse. Under the eyes of the law, sofarasIcantelandlIamnotalawyer, she'd be little more than an egg donor.


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