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Pakistan Transgender Leader Runs for Election

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Shane for Wax:

--- Quote ---Shahana Abbas Shani, President of Pakistan’s She-male Association, has announced that she will run in elections as an independent candidate for the city of Muzaffargarh for the Punjab provincial assembly.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Shani said that she has made the decision because she wants to discuss problems faced by her community, which she says have been ignored by Pakistani society, in the assembly.

“There is no other way for us to be heard and now when the Supreme Court of Pakistan has allowed us to have an identity card, we will fight for our rights,” Shani said.

The landmark 2009 court decision recognizing a ‘third gender’ has not been enforced by authorities, which caused severe problems for trans people during the recent devastating flooding, particularly in Sindh province, through a lack of ID cards. In November of last year the court ordered that they be registered as voters.

During the disaster, transgender people were left out of the aid efforts and denied access to IDP camps because of general prejudice, their non-conforming appearance and their lack of proper identification documents.
--- End quote ---

This is interesting and I will certainly try to keep an eye on how it goes.

D Laurier:
More power to her... although I cannot see this ending well, I do hope she gets elected.

Smurfette Principle:
I sincerely hope she wins, but she has the sexism attached to being a woman and the transphobia attached to being trans that will certainly impede her.

Oh I do hope this doesn't end with her getting killed for just being what she is.

Art Vandelay:
$10 says she has a week left to live at the very most.


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