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--- Quote from: Skybison on January 06, 2021, 04:47:52 pm ---Sad news for Ben Garrison fans, he has announced he has some kind of mental impairment that gives him severe memory loss.

--- Quote ---I don’t remember Police shooting any Antifa or BLM members during those “peaceful protests” last year I remember police taking a knee…
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Well gee Benjamin I don't remember anitfa or BLM leaving IEDs outside congress and the party HQs or bum-rushing a door to a room full of politicians that was guarded by police who both had guns visible drawn and were shouting verbal warnings.

Also lmao rip @ his twitter being one of the ones that got purged.


I think that may be taking the piss...but it would be very useful for Biden if Trumpists believed it

To quote someone on another site I go to were I reposted this:

--- Quote ---No this is brilliant, everyone get to work denying it vigorously, we want all the right people to accept it without question. Soon mobs of Confederate hillbilly vikings will be looting Trump's Mar-A-Lago estate as he blurps in outrage.
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So I found the single craziest man on the internet.  No really I do think he's the craziest.

He's a flat earther and a creationist, but he noticed that there are too many animals to have all fit on Noah's Ark.  So he figured out the truth: Most Animals are fake!

Zebra's are just donkeys that lying zookeepers painted black and white.  Sloths are just animatronics.  Toucans are just regular birds with fake beaks glued on.  Anteaters, Koalas, Penguins, Pandas, Whales... All Fake!

Just... look at this shit


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