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Trans woman loses case to have her genitalia waxed

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A transgender woman was refused service at over a dozen beauty salons and filed fifteen discrimination complaints in BC's Human Rights Tribunal.

The plaintiff, Jessica Yaniv, still has a penis and scrotum.

The tribunal found against Ms. Yaniv, holding that "human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax." In addition, the tribunal also found against her on a number of other matters:

--- Quote ---The ruling also found that Yaniv engaged in improper conduct by misleading the tribunal, by being untruthful, and by engaging in extortionate behaviour and scurrilous attacks.

It was also noted that she brought most of her 15 complaints against women described as "not white," while expressing racial animosity on social media and in her testimony.
--- End quote ---

The estheticians testified variously that they refused to wax Ms. Yaniv's genitals for religious reasons, personal safety concerns, and lack of training. An expert witness testified that waxing different types of genitalia requires different training, and an untrained person waxing a scrotum can cause serious harm to the client.

That seems perfectly reasonable to me.

I don't think I would want people waxing my genitalia if they're not trained for it in the first place.

Yeah, I'm hoping to get a full body wax and I'm only going with places that specialize the right way. If people are not trained specifically for a gender, then it's best to not go with them. Otherwise, things can get rather Nip / Tuck.

Mostly I'm wondering if any of the raving Tumblrina SJW types will see this and go on about how this is CIS PRIVILEGE!


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