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You have to remember that in American media, WWII was D-Day and the Pacific Theatre. Stuff like Stalingrad and Kursk might as well not have happened.

As for Churchill and India, keep in mind that he also refused to allow US and Canadian ships to carry food there (even though both the US and Canada assured him they had the shipping capacity and food production to do it), hoped Gandhi would starve to death, and was of the view that Indians would never be as well-off under self-rule than they were under the Raj.

(Also I've seen some claims that part of why his condemnation of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was so vociferous was not entirely about how many people Colonel Dyer ordered murdered, but rather also because of how it undermined the legitimacy of British rule in India.)



--- Quote from: SCarpelan on June 12, 2020, 03:10:34 am ---
--- Quote from: RavynousHunter on June 11, 2020, 12:01:06 pm ---Don't even have to spoiler that shit; anyone with half a brain knows Churchill was a racist, warmongering old canker.

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Racist, warmongering cankers are a much less exclusive club than people who have committed actual genocides. That's the part that was news to me.

--- Quote from: niam2023 on June 11, 2020, 12:14:35 pm ---He just has a good historical rep because Hitler came along and it's really, really difficult to look bad when you're known for fighting against Hitler.

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Stalin had a bigger part in defeating Hitler and people have no problem calling him out for his atrocities. Except, like Askold mentioned, tankies who are ridiculed even among other far leftists for it.

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My favorites are the tankies that act like somehow you are a Hitler apologist if you point out Stalin's crimes. It's my favorite because they're basically the exact same as the nazis who say everyone to the left of the Fuhrer must be a commie who wants to starve the peasants except they have a yellow hammer-and-sickle pained on them instead of a black hooked-cross swastika.

So Disney has a show with a bisexual protagonist and homophobes are throwing a fit.  The showrunner has had to deal with them and made some funny responses.

when people take the "holding hands is too lewd" meme unironically.


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