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Even Then:
I thought I'd go ahead and restart the Things People Say thread (with a slightly more accurate name, although I'll change it back into the old one if that bugs people), since apparently it died?

--- Quote from: tumblr user mr-cappadocia ---Because the original statement wasn’t even just “should” have gay characters.. but WELL WRITTEN.

And that’s well written… according to who again?

See how that handful of soil isn’t just a handful anymore? Now… now there’s expectations… and there’s “well written”… and what’s next? What other “reasonable demand” is going to be made to suit “social expectations”?

(some other shit)

But see… if you think writers need to be “taught to write respectfully-written characters” then you’re the fucking enemy and I don’t think there’s much of any way to reach you.

--- End quote ---

I learned something today. I learned that it is morally abhorrent to say that mainstream fiction could stand to improve in the field of non-heterosexual representation, and that asking for well-written non-hetero characters is unreasonable.



i thought phrenology died out in the XIXth century...

Negroidoid.  ;D

The original drawing and descriptions are really old, but legit; it's how forensic techs and anthropologists begin to identify bodies. Male and female skull morphology differs, too.

And, note how much BIGGER the "Negroidoid" brain case is? Funny, the racist twit who wrote the diss lacked the cranial capacity to see that.

Canadian Mojo:

--- Quote from: Eiki-mun on December 29, 2015, 11:06:36 pm ---Negroidoid.  ;D

--- End quote ---

I remember learning about the formal names for the different groups in school back in the 80's.  The teacher started listing them and the guy sitting beside me pipes up with "I'm a Chinkazoid."  ;D As you can imagine, that joke stuck around for a while... like years.


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