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Don't you know, Bison? Domestic abuse is the very model of great hu-*vomits uncontrollably*

Here is someone on the farms whining that sjws clearly forced someone to apologize for an offensive joke..but gives no evidence:

""So you said something a fuckton of years ago that now we find offensive? bend the knee and ask for our forgiveness or perish."

Pretty much the whole LGBT\SJW community in general, fucking hell they're annoying. they're killing everything they can, the gaming industry is fucked, the movie industry is fucked beyond repair, the music industry is... fucking hell, does it exists anymore? You can't say or do shit without having these ones crying for a protest, because they're bored out of their mind since they have no life, and since they can't be happy, then nobody can.
I wish people would've silenced them back when they started being annoying instead of falsely agreeing."

I wonder why it is so important to see jokes as having no harm:

And they have no irony over their own behavior in demanding apologies from people they don't like:

This view that they were "forced" denies people making apologies any agency. Like they can't be refkective? And this assumes that there was nothing wrong with any joke in the first place, which they usually never bother justifying.

Oh and from that threads OP:"Of course the troon starts sperging asap. It would've been weird hearing some decent arguments from them. Also, isn't it ironic that he RTd a ResetEra thread?"

Right because discussing how problematic having a trans person not go through transitioning is "good" isn't rational?


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