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Incels made up a very large portion of the quotes in the Sexists Say The Darndest Things section.

A lot of good stuff is on r/IncelTears or read by certain youtubers such as Walter Fate who got a small amount of popularity recently for videos about the defunct r/Incels and the currently still operating ( and r/Braincels.

Some of them celebrated mainpage going down but it really didn't help their image, considering recent mainstream media attention after the Toronto Attack.

Tolpuddle Martyr:
The incel tears subreddit and David Futrelle's We Hunted The Mammoth have almost as much in-celsanity as SSTDT.

Years ago we had some bloke keep showing up here and yelling at everyone that there'd be mass murder if we didn't pay sex workers to be his girlfriend or somesuch, caamib I think it was. That was back in the day when they used to fester around They haven't changed much.

Didn't he also try to come back using sock puppet accounts or am I thinking about some other incel? He PM'd me about some argument that was going on and when I didn't respond for a few days (I didn't notice I had gotten a PM) he sent me another PM trying to provoke me into answering him by insulting me. I might even have answered to his points after reading the first PM if he hadn't sent the second one.

I guess I could have reported the PMs to the mods; if I recall right there was an implied confession about using a sock puppet account in the first one. I didn't bother to do even that since at that point the clock was already obviously ticking for his ban, I just deleted the messages instead.

Tolpuddle Martyr:
It might have been, there was another one oft quoted on FSTDT who's avatar depicted an "empty set" symbol. His line was less "buy me a gurlfriend" and more "youse are bullies for picking on us when we say we hate women."
They spammed us and a bunch of other forums including Why God Why and of all places, KiwiFarms.

Since some lived out their bloody fantasies and drew blood I'm guessing they have criticism coming from more mainstream quarters so they don't feel the need to pester is directly.

I really don't understand these Incels.  They're level of hatred, hypocrisy, self-contradictory opinions and their total lack of self-insight baffle me more than possibly any other extreme group.  They say things like all women are sluts and yet they complain no woman will sleep with them and it's the womens' fault...what sense does that make?  Mate, if you can't pull an actual slut then you are definitely the problem not the women.  Maybe try being less of a dickhead and sexist prick, it might help.  I could be wrong but I don't think women find that attractive in a man.

I've been pretty much single my whole life and you know who I blame? Me.  I'm the one constant so obviously I'm the problem.  But then I guess I'm not insane or an entitled wanker full of my own self-importance.  These guys must have actual underlying psychological and/or personality disorders issues to begin with...which probably doesn't help get them get laid, especially if they refuse to see themselves as the problem and get help or try to work on their issues.


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