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Worst of Social Justice III

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Art Vandelay:
Well, good news. I'm officially not a rapist. Hahahahhahahahahahah ha ha fuck, I'm so lonely.

Chaos Undivided:

--- Quote ---White privilege is never having to spell your last name.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, tell that to a Pole. Or a Greek. Or a Hungarian.

Art Vandelay:
Well, where the fuck is my white privilege? I swear, every single person I meet has to be told how to spell and pronounce my last time, and I'm really fucking tired of it.

And spell my first one.  Don't blame me because everyone else spells it wrong.

Having a name not of the main language of the country you are in will cause people to have trouble writing it. Nothing to do with the colour of your skin if a French person doesn't know how to spell a Finnish name or something like that.


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