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The Warden's Guide to Firearm safety and views (WORK IN PROGRESS)

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Chitoryu: My condemnation of Jiminez (what Bryco-Jennings is called these days, IIRC) hails from a major defect where in order to unload the weapon, you have to disengage the safety first. It's a defect that they haven't, to my knowledge, corrected yet. In fact, the whole reason they moved operations to Nevada from California was for that very reason. Not to mention that anyone can alter the weapon (from getting rid of serial numbers to even increasing the caliber of the barrel using, of all things, a DRILL) with relative ease.

Did have a few extra rules to add:

40) If you're going to use less-lethal ammunition or weapons, remember that it is called 'less-lethal' for a very good reason. It can still kill someone even if used properly. So please treat tasers, beanbag rounds, rubber bullets, etc just like you would any firearm and ammunition. All the above rules apply to them as well.

41) If the intruders flee your house, or are incapacitated by you, that is IT, the fight is over. You do not get to shoot at them as they run away (unless they're still taking potshots at you, and even then, look for what's behind them!), nor do you get to blow their brains out if they're lying helpless on the floor. You do that, and you're no better than they are.

You stop, you get their weapons away from them, and you call the cops if you haven't already.  If you have family members, evacuate them at once to the safest area you can. Render whatever first aid is safe,  given the situation (just like discharging a firearm, it's a judgement call) and wait for the cops and medics. Also, check everyone for injuries. As anyone who has seen footage of Reagan being shot can tell you, you don't always feel the bullet. Be sure to give the cops a full report and to fill out any and all necessary paperwork to press charges. And do NOT compromise the scene or your own safety if at all possible.

42) Educate thyself. Laws, new self-defense techniques, new developments, and in general, anything that makes self-defense easier without compromising the safety of anyone else. Be sure to know the wheat from the chaff. The internet can, and does, lie. Often.


--- Quote from: chitoryu12 on November 08, 2013, 06:37:24 pm ---
--- Quote ---With rifles and shotguns, open and lock back the bolt (or open the breach) and look at the shadows. And always, ALWAYS keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction.
--- End quote ---

This is why I like rifles like the Mosin-Nagant: you can remove the bolt in less than a second (hold the trigger and pull it out), which lets you look straight down the barrel from the rear without anything obstructing your view, as well as making the rifle 100% safe.

--- End quote ---
It works the same way with all the bolt action rifles I've seen so far and is pretty handy. Also makes cleaning the gun pretty easy.

With most every gun I've used, there was absolutely ZERO reason to look into the business end to check for a blockage, debris, or what have you.  There were always other methods to look in and/or finagle from the other end.  I can't imagine ever voluntarily doing that (Looking right down the barrel of a gun).  The thought gives me the willies.  Almost like a catastrophe waiting to happen in my mind.  Like someone hands you some sweaty sticks of dynamite and tells you to juggle them.

Well with AK47 derived guns at least, unless you have a small mirror, the only way to check the barrel and actually see something is to look down in it from the business end. Of course this still means that the bolt and most other parts have been removed first, otherwise there would not be any light in the barrel, so I consider it to be safe as the gun cannot fire at that point. It is simply not functional.

I see.  Well, on the ones I've used I've never had to look right down them, though I've never messed with any army-type guns.  Just your typical handguns and long guns like run of the mill rifles and shotguns.

I wonder how my aim would be now...  It's been a long time since I've shot last.  Meh, have to get a gun again first, and I've got more important things on which to spend what little money I have right now.


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