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--- Quote from: Svata on May 23, 2017, 03:16:47 am ---I have a 'friend', who derides the practice of not keeping a bullet in the chamber.

--- End quote ---

...I remember a chat on Shadowrun FB-group where I mentioned that you can have an empty chamber on a revolver (I forgot how this came up) and someone reacted as if I was insane. I then explained that it was routine to carry a revolver with one chamber empty due to safety reasons (particularly in the old west) and he pretty much had a panic attack.

Which reminds me, some folks in USA are prepping to defend themselves from an attack and they cannot comprehend that some people own guns for different reasons.

Also they put themselves at risk by trying to be ready to shoot immediately. Like carrying a 1911 with the safety off (because it slows you down) and the hammer cocked (because chambering a round takes time.)

What they think will happen is a quickdraw contest against a guy who is already aiming a gun at them.

...Which is stupid. You don't draw a gun at a moment like that. You either duck for cover or fake surrender until they are distracted and you can draw a gun. And besides, if you do get to cover you will have time to chamber a round as you draw your gun and that is a much safer way to carry a gun.

I think this story fits the best in this thread:

Turns out that having more guns does not reduce crimes. Funnily enough NRA and many gun enthusiasts have been parading statistics that say so but recent studies with much more advanced statistical science have revealed a completely different result.

Well, can't necro a thread if it's at the top of the page. Hope no one objects. A lot can happen in two years. I'll be updating this again with more recent fare. Again, if no one objects.

None from me at least.


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