Author Topic: Lady Checkmate: Disney "Christophobic" for cancelling event  (Read 941 times)

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Her alarmist headlines are the star of the show lately:
"CHRISTOPHOBIA: Disney World Cancels Popular Christian Concert, BUT Will Still Promote Sin and Abominations"

(She runs the story on her news channel too, minus the word "CHRISTOPHOBIA" in the headline.)

She steals this story from Todd Starnes but even he says in his story "Disney is not exactly abandoning the Christianity community. The newspaper reports MercyMe and Tauren Wells are scheduled to perform at Epcot later this year."

But that's not good enough for her, so she calls the cancelling of the event "Christophobic" and doesn't elaborate (and neither does the story she plagiarizes) about what she means by "sin" and "abominations".

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