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Title: Lymericks: Insulting by rhyme is fun!
Post by: Jack Bauer on January 24, 2012, 01:36:03 pm
To-day, Jack's Lymerick target is our favourite YEC moron, Kent Hovind.

Kent Hovind's still rotting in jail
His face now long, drawn and pale
No matter how violent
His farts are now silent
The cell block's most ass pounded male.

Tears flow down both his cheeks
Big Bubba has banged him for weeks
I might be mistaken
But by god he's forsaken
His ass muscle's so weak that it leaks.

He curses and cries does our Ken
He's not the smartest of men
When asked for the soap
He bends over, the dope
And his passage is blocked once again.

No, I'll not ease up on this rube
He's still plastered all over Youtube
That smarmy smug grin
It would be no great sin
To substitute glue for his lube.

Now you have a go... (subject matter is entirely up to the individual)