Author Topic: The E-Pet Thread (Dragon Cave and others)  (Read 881 times)

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The E-Pet Thread (Dragon Cave and others)
« on: March 21, 2012, 02:55:32 pm »
I know many of us use Dragon Cave.  Some of us might use other e-pet services.

So, for those of us who use them, here's the thread we can post in to show off our pets XD

If you want to ascribe personalities to them, be my guest.

If you don't want to, be my guest.

This is Pinkie Flight.  Named after the eponymous Pinkie Pie.  As you can imagine, she is quite full of levity.  Being a balloon dragon and all that.

This is Ricendukae, a Canopy dragon. He's actually kinda quiet, but not really shy.  Just calculated.  He can be scary sometimes.

And this is Valooon, son of Pinkie and Ricendukae.  He takes after his mother, obviously, but he's more of a goof than a loon XD

This is Dukaeri, a deep sea dragon.  His hobbies include popping up in Scotland and getting fuzzy pictures taken of him.

Other than that, I don't really see too much of him.  He prefers the darkness of the deep sea, and that's kinda hard for me to get to.

This is Belmus, a whiptail dragon.  He seems to aspire to heroics of some sort, as he's always challenging other dragons.  He's a bit weird.

These are Solaward and Lunward, respectively.  They're Guardian dragons, quite stalwart ones at that. They're quite friendly, actually, but they have an instinctual obligation to guard my cave.  One guards the cave during the day, the other at night, hence why I named them as such.  They're not twins, in fact, they're not even related.  They do get along well, though.

This is Durrgon, an albino dragon.  She is the master of herp-a-derping about.  As you can see.

She's a pretty good comedian, or at least the other dragons seem to think so.

This is Veenkata, a Bright-breasted Wyvern.  He's a bit of a metrosexual :V

He can also be kinda arrogant and happens to show off a lot.  He does seem to impress ladies, though.

And this is Joshinoro, a water-walker.  He's a little guy, but he's very expressive.  The other dragons seem to respect him, at least.  He's also pretty new to the family.

Bekorinus, a Spitfire.  He, like most of his kind, is feisty.  He's also quite sociable when he's not in his glass cave, though if any dragon goes anywhere near his outdoor glass cave, he chases them away.

He and Belmus have fights often.  He's also pretty new to the family, and Belmus doesn't like that :P

This is Golikyn, a Nocturne dragon.  Depending on the time of day you're viewing this, he'll either look like a statue or an active flier.  Well, when struck by light, these guys freeze in place, and have to rely on camo to protect themselves.  They don't actually turn to stone, though.  At night, they're quite active, flying about.

During the day, Solaward takes great care to protect him.  At night, though, Golikyn flies off somewhere and doesn't return until it's nearly dawn.  I hear tales of him being some sort of vigilante for dragon justice, but as we all know, those are just rumors :D

And those are all of my dragons for now.  I have three more eggs, though, and I'm waiting for the first day to pass so they can get used to their new nests before I expose them to the life-giving powers of the internet.
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