Author Topic: Remember the NDAA and how it didn't pertain to American citizens?  (Read 1183 times)

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Remember the Defense Authorization Act debate and how many said it would allow indefinite detention.

But only for non Americans, it's defenders told us. So that made it ok.

Funny story...
....Compare 3166 to 1481 and the change is small. The new section makes no reference to being convicted as it does in section (7). So even though the language of the NDAA has been revised to exclude American citizens, the US government merely has to strip Americans of their citizenship and the NDAA will apply. And they will be able to do so without convicting the accused in a court of law.

I had actually heard about Liebermann trying this in 2010 but it had been so long I had thought the bill had died (I think this is a new version)

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