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NATO Summit in Chicago
« on: May 21, 2012, 11:43:38 am »
As I'm sure many of you have heard, yesterday was the first day of NATO's two day Chicago summit. The goal of the summit is to determine what the group wants to do about international security, naturally including things like Afghanistan and other MidEast violence. And, probably not unsurprisingly, this summit was met by considerable protest, much of which seems to be OWS related, or at least instigated by the Occupy movement.

Pretty much everything you would expect to happen, did happen. Police and protesters clashed, with the both sides blaming each other and the promise of more conflict today. Residents of the worst parts of Chicago felt cheated and ignored, and consider NATO's stated goal of international peace and security to be rather hypocritical in light of the the way they live in Chicago (gang violence, high infant mortality rates for minorities, etc.), which wasn't helped by the overwhelming police presence that showed up to protect the summit. And of course, the inevitable arrest of "suspected terrorists" because they might have been planning to firebomb some police stations.
There was one story amid all this that I rather enjoyed. A few dozen military veterans (mostly from Iraq and Afghanistan) threw the medals they'd earned from said service away in protest, with several stating that they're ashamed of what they did and angry over having been sent to fight wars based on lies. This kind of protest was last done during the Vietnam war by about 900 soldiers, and, while this isn't quite on the same level, it at least managed to grab some attention, both good and bad.

And now day 2 of the two day summit is underway. I've not seen much about any going's on as of this post, though the protests yesterday gained little media attention (at least on TV), and I'm not expecting that to change today. The Daily Show might cover it, but I'm not exactly keeping my fingers crossed. More updates to follow on today's happnings if it's anything worthwhile.
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