Author Topic: F Scott Fitzgerald's accounts are online, no symbolism read into it yet.  (Read 998 times)

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TL:DR F Scott Fitzgerald could somehow write coherently keep track of his personal finances despite being constantly inebriated. A .pdf version is here. Look for genetic factors for extreme alcohol tolerance among descendents, also Hemingway’s. Well that and mental illness.

WTF THAT IS NOT A Z, THAT’S AN L! Zelda more like Lelda.

The records have been made available to coincide with the latest big-screen version of the book - a film directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Leonardo DiCaprio is released in May and is opening Cannes Film Festival.
Figures such records would be made public because money.

Park Bucker, an associate English professor at the university, told the Associated Press news agency that the ledger "may be a unique artefact among American authors".

"This is going to be an amazing thing for students to pore over and dip into," he said. "He created his own database. We do it on computers now, but he did it for himself."
Please stop equating ledgers and journals with a database. This is why English Professors should not handle historical matters. The next person who equates them needs to be beaten over the head with a printout of every possible SHA-1 hash.
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