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Suggestions Please?
« on: August 03, 2012, 06:10:55 pm »
My sister recently got an Albino Chinchilla. (cutest frickin' thing you've ever seen, and softer than even feather downy)

The problem?

She has two dogs, Angel and Cujo. They are both medium sized dogs, Angel some sort of mongrelish black thing with a little white, and Cujo is a Bishon Fris.

They both want to eat the damn chinchilla. And I mean, if you open that cage to pet it or rub its little belly, Angel is trying to lunge inside the cage to get at the poor thing. Even if her tail is hanging out of her cage, Angel tries to grab at it. And now Cujo is starting to mimic her behaviour. Cujo has also been observing how my sister opens the cage, and my sister saw him trying to open it with his mouth.

My sister is thinking that they might have to get rid of at least Angel if they can't find a way to get her to behave. Has anyone else had issues like this before? If so, how did you stop it or did you have to get rid of the other animals?

My sister says she's not getting rid of the chinchilla, but she can't deal with the dogs constantly trying to get at it. At night she has to lock the dogs in the porch, and this weekend she has me going out to her place to watch the dogs to make sure they don't get at Lily(the chinchilla) while they go on a vacation for the long weekend.

Suggestions please?