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No long goodbyes.

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He was a pretty cool guy.

Really well educated, he was a theologian.  Saw combat in Northern Ireland.

Was caught up in the Kent State shootings, he was there to visit his girlfriend.  His picture is one of the most iconic of the 20th century.

That's him in the fringed jacket and his face turned away. You will never find the identity of the person in that photo on line. I know his name was Allison ( it's a Scottish unisex name ) , Sandy for short.

He used to write Dr. Who story lines for the BBC. For realz.
Skyfire used to alternately drive him nuts or make him laugh.

He kept out of most drama and never posted on the racy threads.

Always had kinds words and ear. : )

I will still remember my misquote from potato GLaDOS in Portal 2 as my good-bye message, because that was what she said after finishing the last area of 'Ancient' Aperture Science.


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