Author Topic: Chronicles of Stupidity in Society  (Read 3887 times)

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Re: Chronicles of Stupidity in Society
« Reply #15 on: October 22, 2012, 01:40:49 am »
No. She doesn't.

She's been diagnosed with something like the reverse of autism. While she is extremely manipulative and socially wise, she lacks academic and mental skills.

While she decries popularity and social standings as important, she's built one of the largest cliques I have ever seen outside of a 1980's teen movie.

In other words, every popular preppy so-sweet-it's-diabetic teenager ever?

I was a bit worried about the reaction, given the response to that from others IRL.

I guess its a sign the Nazis are becoming what they were always meant to be: A Joke.

There's another weird thing about my school. We have a Neo-Nazi in attendance. He's...really not what I expected. Less big fat ugly guy ranting about the race, more...prissy pretty boy, long blond locks, blue eyes, basically a real life bishonen. Kinda looks like a skater kid mixed with a typical goth, as in, so much black clothes, tall and thin.

His personality's weird too. He's too dull to realize his racial message is offensive. He thinks Jews are shapeshifting fire breathing dragons with four heads, six wings, ice powers and a stinger tail in their "true form". I don't know where he gets this from. He thinks I'm his friend, and often sits very, very close to me in the cafeteria, and calls me his "big muscly Aryan friend". He seems too immature for his age. He's twenty six. He acts like a thirteen year old.

Do not know what to do with him. He me.

A lot of goth kids really seem attracted to Hitler because they think being a neo-Nazi fuckwit is "edgy." Conspiracy theorists tend to have a massive superiority complex to begin with, but combine that with some ridiculous idea of racial superiority and you have the most stuck-up little 13-year-old in the world. Only Eric Cartman (or maybe Haruhi Suzumiya) could outdo the bullshittery.

Judging by his... odd description of Jews, I'm saying he's probably getting this from a potent mix of David Icke, the Book of Revelation, and LSD.
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Re: Chronicles of Stupidity in Society
« Reply #16 on: October 22, 2012, 04:43:04 am »
Kill him with fire.

So, there was an animal rights activist trying to preach PETA's message at my school while I was eating a subway sandwich. She apparently felt with few students present and her little group there, she could do a more aggressive / offensive message.

She said that eating meat meant I had Nazi sympathies, and I should be ashamed.

So I extended the sandwich in my hand almost to a Roman Salute, and then brought it to my mouth and continued eating. She looked pissed.

Direct her to PETA Kills Animals to further the trolling.