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Sexists Say the Darndest Things the Thread
« on: February 28, 2013, 05:16:48 am »
I recently requested (and it has been requested many times in the past) a Sexists Say the Darndest Things subsection of the website, but Distind tells me such isn't feasible. Oh well. If that's the case, we might as well have a thread for it instead; like we've got that thread for social justice nutcases. I'll start it off with one quote each from what I see as the three main categories of sexist: MRAs, Radfems and Biblical Womanhooders.

First, from (where else?) The Spearhead:

Despite often expressing revulsion about advances from the beta males who make up the majority of tech workers, scientists, hackers, atheists, etc., feminists seem to want very badly to force themselves into these mainly male, and almost entirely male-created, domains. Whether it’s the money, the sense of power they get from pushing socially awkward men around, or just old fashioned nosiness, feminists like Rebecca Watson simply can’t keep themselves away from them.

Next, from Femonade:

for thinking, intellectually honest women, for women who acknowledge our own humanity and who want to be fully free, radical feminism — including female separatism, and organizing and gathering in female-only space — is all there is.  because women are a sex class, the rapeable class, sexual politics is the only political platform that holds any promise to free us, including liberating our female bodies and our minds from male dominance, and that is why we continue to do it.  historically, it seems that human beings want to be, and activate towards being free, and if it surprises (or enrages) men that we persevere in the face of their threatened and actualized violence, its only because they do not think we are human at all — but they are wrong about that.  in reality, everything men do and everything men think is wrong.

Finally, from Unmasking Feminism:

If a woman is to be involved in politics, she then brings into her home all the nastiness involved in politics. How many rumors and how much drama has Sarah Palin brought into her home by being involved in politics. She has not brought in “only the lovely and beautiful things” that are in the world, but the evil and vile things that are politics. She constantly exposes her self to nasty remarks and a tarnishing of her family’s image by seeking after a man’s world... In order to restore our culture, women must learn to love, respect, and accept their sex. It seems so simple. Happiness will come when women can accept their nature. In turn they will no longer have to seek artificial happiness through acting like men.

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