Author Topic: Will NBA's Jason Collins push some to reassess how they perceive gays?  (Read 695 times)

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Written by a guy I've known since grade school. 

Well, here's my question for you. You can disrespect this stranger that is bench-warming NBA center Jason Collins, and you can believe gay is wrong, or weird, and shouldn't have a place in the locker room, or at the altar. But do me a favor. Who is the most important friend in your life? Maybe your brother. Or your best friend. Got a name?

What if he summoned the courage to tell you he was gay?  Your best friend is gay. Your brother is gay. Do you still disrespect gays now?

Look your brother in the eye and tell him he's not a Christian because of his sexual preference, a thing he can't even control. Look your best friend in the eye and say he can't marry the person he loves because the person he loves has a beard.
If you do that, your beliefs about some issues are stronger than your love for your brother, or your friend.
Someone asked on Facebook why Collins needs to make a big deal about being gay, taking the spotlight, if you will. I believe Collins went public, in part, to help change the way society thinks. Being gay is who he is and, darn it, he wants to be treated like a man and respected as a man. So, if a pro athlete can help people rethink and reassess their ideas about homosexuality, then I think it's important.