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RPG's and boardgames
« on: August 05, 2013, 03:50:58 am »
We didn't have a topic for these and I'd rather not try to cram them into videogame thread, so here is a new topic.

First off: Last Night on Earth is way more fun than a zombie apocalypse has any right to be. Although my friends got annoyed at my luck with shotguns. And the greatest horror I felt during those games was when I was playing the zombies and two heroes were running around with dynamite... 

"Hurrrrrr, Braaaaai-" *Boom*

Second: I finally got into my first pen and paper RPG. Twilight 2013. I've heard mixed reviews, mostly complaints about the background story but that doesn't really matter now since the game master is making a different type of apocalyptic event.
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Re: RPG's and boardgames
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2013, 06:17:13 am »
Currently playing Pathfinder.  I wonder if Pathfinder has a modern setting?  D20 modern is rather limited in some things, and Pathfinder is pretty streamlined.

Going to be trying Outbreak  Undead.  It's... very very different.

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Re: RPG's and boardgames
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2013, 06:56:29 am »
I got my wife addicted to the board game Zombies! and its expansion packs.  We also bought Humans!, in which you play as the zombies, but the rules are absolutely horrible.  We're currently working on changing the rules to make the game playable because, com on, who wouldn't want to play as a brain-eating zombie at some point?

Over the years, I played and ran RPG's in the universes of AD&D, Star Wars, Twerps, Gamma World, Marvel Super Heroes, and certain systems that my friend and I made up.

Currently, I've been playing Friday Night Fights, Legends of Wrestling, and Mythic, mostly because all three systems can be played solo.
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Re: RPG's and boardgames
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2013, 12:02:22 pm »
Me and my friends used to run a daily D&D game but it kinda fell through as we got closer and closer to finals, but I'm thinking of going out and getting some more stuff and restarting it.


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Re: RPG's and boardgames
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2013, 12:17:10 pm »
The group I'm in runs campaigns very loosely based off D&D rules. Basically whatever story the DM wants to mess with, not too many obvious goals, and more than a few monsters based off things ironically. Like the towering elder god that was based off someone's hamster.

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Re: RPG's and boardgames
« Reply #5 on: August 05, 2013, 02:14:05 pm »
Anyone else watch Table Top with Will Wheaton?

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Re: RPG's and boardgames
« Reply #6 on: August 05, 2013, 03:08:06 pm »
Lamentations Of The Flame Princess anyone?
Very dark, very weird. Wish i knew a group of people that would like to play it. I've got the rules (which are also free download if you don't mind missing the lovely artwork) and a bunch of the modules and setting books.

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Re: RPG's and boardgames
« Reply #7 on: August 11, 2013, 02:48:31 am »
I'm gearing up for a big game day playing Twilight Imperium in 2 weeks.  We're going to have 5-6 players and plan on playing all day.  I can't wait.