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Random Dinosaur:
Because there are undoubtedly plenty of things to say about tabletop games, and plenty of stories to tell.

Also, I felt this story deserved to be shared due to the crazy-awesome yet heartwarming nature of it:

Shoggy the Seldom Dog

EDIT: Fixed the link

The Runequest campaign I'm in is changing systems. Some of the players didn't like how slow the combat system is (I liked it but I admit that it is slow) so we are remaking our characters for a different system next thursday.

The other campaign I'm in is on saturday and we'll be having a christmas party with the players. That campaign is also in a rather interesting situation as most of the player characters have gotten married and there is a war going on. One fun thing: few sessions ago a loose ox charged at the king candidate of the tribe (VERY long story, there was about to be an election and another faction in the tribe was trying to kill our candidate, this animal attack was later discovered to be an assassination attempt disguised as an accident.) One PC happened to be in the way and rather than having her scream a warning or anything the player decided that she steps into the ox's path and wrestles it...

So we had a scene where a human woman supplexed a rampaging ox off a bridge into the river where it drowned.

And later there was the battle where my character spent half of our realtime session drowning...

I've wanted to get into one myself, but I never really found an opportunity.

Things that happened in the last session:

After remaking characters from Runequest to Praedor we had a quick duel between two characters.

Fun fact: Praedor has Character flaws and advantages, our "Bard's" (no character classes in the game) player was looking through the list: "Alcoholic, YES! ...Lecherous, I'll take it! ...Now, what are the disadvantages?" "These are it... There is also 'Coward' if you ta-" *Furiously writing coward onto his character sheet* He also took the advantages of being able to hold his liquor really well (which also allows him to identify drinks and notice if something has been mixed into it) and really keen sense of smell.

...Then again I was looking at the disadvantages of "honourable" and "vengeful" with a similar glee.

The duel:
My warrior and the bard had a fight over a woman. We had already planned this and we were doing things kinda like in Higland games.

1st round: Rock-Paper-Scissors, done with the use of "Gamble" skill (because this ain't no damn LARP.) Result: Bard wins.

2nd round: Insults, done with the use of "Intimidation" skill. Result: Bard wins.

3rd round: Fishing, done with the use of "survival" skill. Result: Draw, no winner.

4th round: DUEL to the first blood, using the combat system. Result: Warrior wins.

5th and final round: Climbing up a tree, using the "climbing and jumping" skill. Result: Oh, boy...

Well, the bard failed his every single climb check and repeatedly fell on his back (he was already at disadvantage from taking an axe to his arm in the duel) and occasionally fumbled critically which meant that he tore down branches and made it harder to find a way up. Eventually he was in a state where he was completely unable to get into the tree.

Meanwhile my warrior was luckier in his skill tests which meant that on the two occasions when he did fumble he fell from much higher and on his second fumble he dropped from 3 meters and broke his left arm. (His dominant arm...)

End result: The bard was declared winner and carried off to celebrate. Due to his flaws he also ended up bedding some random woman (not the one whom we had been fighting over...) and getting dead drunk and wasted.

You see my avatar?  That's Trublag, once a kobold druid of Sarenrae, he participated in a battle to stop the Unnamed Scourge Who Is Totally Not Cthullu from ending the world.  At the end of it, with a majority of the gods slain, he and his companions were chosen to take up the gods burden's and was granted godhood.  To that end he became the new god of the forest and finished the transformation that was bestowed upon him by Apsu, becoming Blue Wyrm.

Ironbite-I love Pathfinder much.


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