Author Topic: AI Programmed to think like a serial murderer write poetry for a hobby.  (Read 610 times)

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I encourage everyone here to play around with the settings and see what fun or disturbing shit you can get it to spit out.
For example I'll use the basic interface and give it the topic of "gangs". It gives me:

"Getting money from the nitty gritty.
You become a major trading partner,
A form of criminal activity,
Change the ways of being like a mobster. "

Then I go into advanced settings, give it 14 lines and give it the word "basement"

Something hidden under marble ceiling!
No one was crying over Barney rubble.
For home but when my mother started screaming,
He felt this very lonely human scuffle.

To see that dusty old apartment block,
We know his parents never ever woken!
Her windows open window loading dock,
An empty room with two ascending colon.

Then another day she walks away!
Who saw a hundred thousand lower floors,
Too many people from an alleyway!
I guess they only had designer drawers.

Lots of women on the upper floor,
Like a baby at the corner store.

And then for shits n gigs I turned the swearing module to full blast and input the word "penis":

They ever really wanna lower lip,
To willy bastard penis procreation!
She fucks the motherfucking rubber whip,
Shitting over verbal masturbation.

These homo pussies sucking inner lips.
This shit vanilla butter finger nails!
My anus baby gotta stripper clips,
A little fucker outta chicken tails.

I never fucked another muscle tone!
Im horny mother fuckers anal daze!
Suck asses like vagina silicone,
Dick cum or pussy fucking body sprays.

A fuck a porno ass and finger tips,
The breasts of lesbian relationships.