Author Topic: Tankie thinks woman upset about getting creepy DMs is a bourgeois conspiracy  (Read 372 times)

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Anyhoo, it was a normal day on the internet and a woman was DM'd by a guy named Mike Rosenberg who seemed kind of normal, before he started screaming about cum on her face.

She told him to delete his account, he did. That would have been the end of it but for Aimee Terese, a left wing blogger from Australia who wanted to defend her friend Mike who sent the facespunk DM and did so because...the ruling class is oppressing us by...not approving of unsolicited facespunk DMs.

Yes, the 1% of the 1% wants you to exploit the proletariat and maintain imperialistic power hegemonies by .... saying a goddamned word against unsolicited facespunk DMs when her friends send facespunk DMs to people she dislikes. And she really dislikes the victim of the weird DMs because she publicly complained about feeble wages at her job and was sacked in retaliation by management. Scab! Bosses stooge! Blackleg! Workers of the world unite by shuttings the fuck up and accepting your shitty wages, why aren't you grateful damned peasants!

She really hates it when you tell her this shit is batshit insane because that's sexist.

I'm left wing, I like unions, I'm a socialist but I can't work out how disapproving of unsolicited musings of cum on rando women's faces is aiding the cause of the ruling classes. What the fuck is even this shit? Help me out here!

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