Author Topic: Ben Shapiro Caught Talking Up Trump's Detention Camps  (Read 997 times)

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Re: Ben Shapiro Caught Talking Up Trump's Detention Camps
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He's not just from a Jewish family, but an observant Orthodox Jew. It's not obvious because he (like me) prefers black yarmulkes, but he's always wearing one. He might actually be the most prominent Orthodox Jew in America today. And that thought fills me with shame.

Quote from: Jordan Duram
It doesn't concern you, Sister, that kind of absolutist view of the universe? Right and wrong determined solely by a single all-knowing, all powerful being whose judgment cannot be questioned and in whose name the most horrendous acts can be sanctioned without appeal?

Quote from: Supreme Court of Canada
Being required by someone else’s religious beliefs to behave contrary to one’s sexual identity is degrading and disrespectful.