Author Topic: Finnish political party's youth section loses funding  (Read 258 times)

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Finnish political party's youth section loses funding
« on: June 21, 2019, 04:40:46 am »
Some background info:

In Finland all parties get funding from the government and so do their youth sections. The funding is proportional to the size of the party and comes with the requirement of the organization following the laws and regulations of Finland.

Losing it is not common though the Green party previously lost it for one year because they were simply too late to send in their application and the government organization overseeing this funding decided not to bend the rules.

What happened this time:

The youth group of Finns has been notorious for their racism ever since the party got taken over (by bussing people out of town to vote in their internal elections and having elected representatives turn coats and vote for people other than the ones that their group had agreed to vote) by the blatantly racist and nationalist wing of the party. In fact, the Youth group in particular received repeated warnings for their blatant racism coming from their leadership and spread on their official communication mediums. The boiling point came because of the EU election ad:

The text is basically "Vote for Finns so that the future of Finland will not look like this."

Because the organization had agreed to follow the laws of Finland and to help promote the intentions of the law, including promoting equality, this was seen as yet another violation of the agreement they made when applying for the assistance. As a result they lost their funding for the year which was over 100k€. There's a lot of crying from Finns in media as they claim that this is a witch hunt or political power play and not racist and even if it was it was the work of just a few members and the entire group should not be punished because of a few bad apples...

Aside from how this was not out of normal for their ads and communications and how this was from their official Twitter profile so it must have been approved by the leadership and aside from how the leader of the Finns had (after a previous scandal) affirmed that he completely supports the youth section and did I mention that this was just their latest stunt and they had been doing racist stuff before and had been warned about it?

Now the Finns have made an official complaint about this and plan to sue if they don't get their money and the police are also investigating this to see if they committed hate speech...

Things are going to get loud. Finns are already the biggest party in Finland and with this they are going to get all the racist votes in the future as well. I'm just hoping that the people who don't consider nationalism and racism as their biggest motivating factors will abandon the party. (And hoping that racists and nationalists aren't the biggest voting group in the country.)
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Re: Finnish political party's youth section loses funding
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2019, 01:54:15 pm »
basic finns (because I refuse to call them just "finns" or true finns): we believe finland should come down hard on undesirables
basic finns, when finland comes down on them: no not like that
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