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So!  Since this seems to have taken off somewhat, I figured I'd move it here where it'd be a wee bit more visible.  Basically, I take the first 10 pages of posts from a given user, parse out the contents, feed that into a Markov chain generator, and use that to build random sentences in the style of a given poster.  It started with ol' Chaos, but I've since expanded to include several other posters.  For fun, here's some new sentences from each that I've generated, thus far!

--- Quote from: Chaos Undivided ---That's part of me they like.

I don't even hate Skybison, because he seemed to be just trying to fudge the issue.

That's not to do that.My question is, what did I hurt any of you?

Unless, of course, you're just being complete dicks to me.

I know somebody's gonna jump down my throat no matter how I say it.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: davedan ---That was the bathroom across the door, which by the bolt would appear to be...Also I would be fucking impressed if you push them hard enough, they'll admit that if you really aren't trying as hard as you want to go to cousins and you say, hold my beer. suck my salty balls cracker

I quite liked this one: Bravo I go to cousins and you say, and occasionally I agree with people who look normal until all of that out of me? suck my salty balls cracker

C'mon cracker, answer the question? suck my salty balls cracker

Moreover I think that's a really good idea, given this is totally something someone who has been here before. suck my salty balls cracker

Fuck! no wonder trying to get you to act like the relatively recent member you are the master of the spectrum should embrace. suck my salty balls cracker

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Eiki-mun ---Mohammed would have had to convince an initial group that he was a punching match in middle school, one that didn't move.Actually animated avatars have been playing since 1994.

I don't think they could and because they could possibly have gotten less.

You need to get the board to hate Obama, which is far more likely to convince an initial group that he was a sense of self-awareness.

They're basically Britain's PR firm, and they're going to call a Crusade against the Jews?

They only allowed it to become the next time you ask why people say that the recent terrorist attack in Manhattan could be a lot of fun with it, even if it takes a while.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: RavynousHunter ---I know not who brought him and I haven't seen Power Rangers since I was in grade school.

A new entry for my long-running list of persons who know anything down readily enough.

While there are any the wiser.

Both Sleeps and I am grill daddy.

If not active on the ground, even if is literally just watching a neural network train, even if I don't have so much as a festering shitheap.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Vene ---A woman is perfectly within her rights to start having sex give up the use of sarcasm in an argument is the weirdest dick measuring contest I've seen.

You could argue personal autonomy, but it's already looking pretty bad.

I said I was saying something very much wrong.

The reason this is a poor tool for international comparisons.As for education, this could be a lot about genetics by finding and reading genetics books and articles, but I suspect there would not be able to do laboratory work and that is so being stolen.

Apparently excessive sugar consumption leads to problems with reading comprehension because nobody is fucking hard to admit that you really know what the fuck GE thinks they're trying to say that as engineers gain experience, they will, as a biologist.

--- End quote ---

If ya want me to make one of you to see what it spits out, lemme know!  This is way more fun than it has any right to be, I swear, lol.

me me me ME!

if you can somehow pull my stuff from back when I was Even Then that'd be neat to see


--- Quote from: ironbite on July 05, 2019, 12:26:29 pm ---me me me ME!

--- End quote ---

This, I gotta see.

--- Quote from: fluffyDbringer on July 05, 2019, 01:13:08 pm ---if you can somehow pull my stuff from back when I was Even Then that'd be neat to see

--- End quote ---

I'll try; I think you deleted your account, so I'd prolly have to search by name.  I'll certainly see what I can do, though!

I'd probably produce the most boring bot of everyone here.


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