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Faux news thread


OK, so, the goal here is to make up fake but likely news stories, and then see which ones people find the most believable.
I'll start off:
Libraries banned due to rider inserted by copyright industry.
A small rider in a recently passed bill concerning subsidizing organic farms has changed the definition of copyright infringement to: "[T]he unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material by any means, including but not limited to digital, mechanical, or loan." This provision was thought to have been inserted overnight, as it was discovered after being passed and signed this morning and nobody had any memory of its presence before. There has been speculation that it was inserted by copyright lobbyists, as there was a meeting overnight in congress, the same time it is thought to have been inserted. Under the new definition, libraries would be liable for massive copyright infringement.

So... this must be how conspiracy theories start.

Look I know you're trying to make this like the other forums but we've already got a thread like that in another forum.


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